Engineering Hub

The engineering of a biological system (often a bacterial organism) is the central goal of any iGEM project. But engineering a biological system is a complex, challenging, and often slow process. On the engineering hub we provide information on how to best approach the challenge of engineering biological systems such that they perform as desired.

"Measurement is fundamentally an act of communication." - Jacob Beal

What is Engineering?

Biological engineering is not a straightforward effort but can rather be described as an engineering cycle.


The design of an engineered biological system is the central starting point of each iGEM project and also the point where the engineering cycle starts.


Building your design is the next stage of a well engineered project.


Design testing by good measurement is essential to ensure that work done by iGEM teams can be used by future teams and the community as a whole.


Now that you’ve finished running your Tests, it’s time to analyze your data and learn from your work.


Engineering efforts at iGEM are guided by this committee.


If you have questions or suggestions, please email us at engineering AT igem DOT org . We love hearing from teams. Best of luck with your projects!