Team:Shanghai City United



Non-starch polysaccharides (NSP), such as xylans, are one of the most abundant substances found in grains but few animals can digest them well. We noticed Xylanase, a type of enzyme that degrades the linear polysaccharide xylan, which could be served as a dietary supplement to treat the poor digestion issue. In this project, we introduced a probiotic which was previously genetically edited by us to possess the ability to secret Xylanase and form a feed that can be applied in monogastric’s, mainly poultry’s daily meals. The product will be designed as a type of “beverage” to make up for the poultry’s insufficiency of the xylan digestive enzymes In this case, poultry will be able to absorb more energy when given the same amount of feed, which will further ease the food resource shortage in the world.

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