We're Fighting Fungal Disease At It's Roots

Fungal diseases like root rot, with no cure, wreak havoc on the crops we grow and harvest to survive. But North Dakota State University's iGEM team, the Genetic Engineering Corps (GEC), has a solution. We will engineer a microbe that can produce antifungals to battle fungal pathogens like Rhizoctonia solani, which enters through the root system of plants like soybeans. We are North Dakota's first iGEM team, and we will fight to defend our roots.

Our First Project

This is our very first competition season. As North Dakota's first iGEM team, and one of the first in our area, we have learned a lot about forming a project, organizing a team, and the iGEM competition itself. We are excited to pass down our knowledge to the the new members for our next season. We appreciate all the support we have recieved in our first, thrilling genetic engineering project!

We are heavily considering continuing this project next season to get more results, improve on our design, or express our organism in the symbiotic Rhizobium of plant roots, as we originally hoped to do.