Team:LMSU/New Part

Big Picture

# Overview
Our set of parts are crusial for constructing red-blue light sensetive regulation system. However,we made our goal to design each part to be independent and acceptable to use in further projects. We focused maily on one paticular function of each genetic part but there are remain the multitudes of usabilities for new BcLOV4 protein as a carrier for other proteins as for all other parts.
# New Parts
| Part	|Type	|Short Description|
| BBa_K4044001	|basic	|BphP1 (E.coli optimized)|
| BBa_K4044002	|basic	|YFP + lambda t0 terminator|
| BBa_K4044003	|basic	|BcLOV4|
| BBa_K4044004	|composite	|p119_BphP1_QPAS1-Gal4 test system with p119_G4-YFP|
| BBa_K4044005	|composite	|p119_BphP1_QPAS1-Gal4 test system with p119_G4-n11-YFP|
| BBa_K4044006	|composite	|p119_BphP1-BcLOV4_QPAS1-Gal4 test system with p119_G4 _YFP|
| BBa_K4044007	|composite	|p119_BphP1-BcLOV4_QPAS1-Gal4 test system with p119_G4-n11_YFP|
| BBa_K4044008	|composite	|BphP1_QPAS1-Gal4 optogenetic system|
| BBa_K4044009	|composite	|BphP1-BcLOV4_QPAS1-Gal4 optogenetic system|
| BBa_K4044010	|basic	|p119_G4 (Pj23119-based Gal4 dependant bacterial promoter)|
| BBa_K4044011	|basic	|p119_G4-n11 (Pj23119-based partially modified Gal4 dependant promoter)|
| BBa_K4044020	|basic	|BphP1-term linker|
| BBa_K4044021	|basic	|dummy terminator|