Big Picture

# Education and Public Engagement

### Yuri’s Night
**Presentation and quiz with prizes at the Yuri’s Night.** It is a global international space party dedicated to the first human space flight. It was named after the first cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin. We talked about space food and perspectives in this area, presented our project, provided a quiz about algae and gave tasty spirulina prizes to winners.
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### Lampa School
**Lecture on a Spring School Lampa for children.** Lampa School prepare children for biology, ecology and medicine competitions. We think future of synbio is on the shoulders of current schoolchildren. That is why we gave a lecture on iGEM philosophy, aims and benefits. Our teammates also talked about the main technologies of synbio and their applications, about projects of previous years. We are glad to share our knowledge and we think we help young people to believe in themselves; to join the internstional iGEM community.
### Zvenigorod Biological Station
**Lecture for students on the biological station.** Biology students of LMSU have a summer practice on the Zvenigorod Biological Station. We made a lecture about synthetic biology and iGEM for first year undergrads. It was live streamed. We did it in a collaboration with Moscow and Moscow-Сity iGEM teams.
### Guides
**Text and video guides on BLAST, MEGA и PyMOL.** We want to share bioinformatics knowledge. We created and designed three guides about essential tools and put it in open access in our social media (in Russian). You can find the basics of working with the programmes, learn how to draw phylogenetic trees, to search for homologous proteins or nucleic acids and to visualise molecules. 
### NAUKA 0+
**NAUKA 0+** is an international annual festival hosted in Russia. We decided to participate in this wonderful event too and gave master-classes on microalgae light-microscopy and a lecture on application of microalgae and cyanobacteria in biotechnology, specially mentioning our ASCEND project. Moreover, we held a Tik-Tok stream in the framework of NAUKA 0+ and shared information about our project in more details. The visitors of NAUKA 0+ were delighted!
### Media
**Active social media life, workshops, and interviews** in VK, Instagram, Telegram, Twitter, TikTok, Facebook. To familiarize people with science, we were sharing posts about space, biology, and sustainability on our social media.
We also gave interviews to the "Teach me completely" podcast, Molecular Cloud, Zelen Journal and TV BRICS.
By the way, on the 21sth of October a report from our lab was streamed on the federal TV channel Russia 1– one of the most popular channels in Russi!