Big Picture

# 🥈 Collaborations

### Russian meet-up
**International online-conference in collaboration with Moscow and Moscow-Сity teams.** We had more than 20 teams from Brazil, Canada, Costa Rica, France, Germany,  India,  South Korea, Russia, Spain,  Turkey... The participants presented their projects, took part in workshops and listened to lectures. We also had time slots for culture and experience exchange where we discussed education, career, art and paths to iGEM. This event brought its participants memorable emotions and valuable experiences of presenting their projects and biotechnological ideas.

### Femclub
**Speaking club for female iGEMers on women in science in collaboration with Moscow-Сity.** We strongly believe that science should be inclusive. To support female iGEMers, we organised Fem-Talk – an online meeting for girls in iGEM to discuss problems of women in science. Read more in our Diversity section.

### Phototroph handbook
**Writing biosafety and culture collection chapters from the book about phototropic organisms.** It was created by teams dealing with phototrophic organisms in 2021. It is supposed to be a manual for future iGEMers who will work with algae and plants. The handbook addresses the issues of choosing a phototrophic organism as an object, genetic engineering protocols, modeling, biosafety and processing results when working with photographers.
[iGEM Phototroph Handbook](

### Engineering Biology Problems Book
**Translation of [Engineering Biology Problems Book](** (Klabukov I. D.) from Russian to English. To provide the international scientific community with curious tasks, we took part in translating and elaborating the book with MEPhI, Siberia, MIPT_MSU, Moscow City, Phystech_Moscow.

### I pledge campaign
**We share the idea of diversity and inclusion for all**. That is why we took part in a great challenge of iGEM Concordia-Montreal and pledged to do better for the world using science. 

### Discussing Bioreactors with iGEM Concordia-Montreal.
iGEM Concordia-Montreal team already has an excessive experience with bioreactor construction. We arranged a videochat with them to share about our projects with each other and to discuss our ideas on bioreactor modeling and construction. 

### Discussion with DTU team about GMO-food 

### Local Jamboree meet-up in Moscow
On the 14th of November!