Big Picture

# πŸ₯‰ Attributions

# Team patronage and advice
|| Person | Impact ||
|| ![](Anatoly I. Miroshnikov, Dean of Faculty of Biotechnology) |
We sincerely thank the Dean of the Faculty of Biotechnology, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Professor A. Miroshnikov for supporting the project, letters of recommendation and valuable scientific contacts ||
|| ![](Mikhail P. Kirpichnikov, Dean of Faculty of Biotechnology) | 
Dean of MSU biological faculty Mikhail Petrovich Kirpichnikov provided general support and advice for us ||
|| ![](Dmitry A. Los, Head of IPPRAS) | 
We send our best regards to Dr. Dmitriy Anatolyevich Los for help with project development, work place submitting, funding and wide laboratory goods support. ||
|| ![](Alexey Barykin) | For fundraising consulting, economical admonitions and providing valuable contacts, we should give thanks to Alexey Barykin ||
|| ![](Elena Krasilnikova) | 
Elena Krasilnikova was the one who greatly helped us with finances, advising, leading and consulting us on this issues ||

# Team effort

|| Person | Role | Impact ||
|| Alexey Shaytan | *PI* | iGEM management advice β€” Fundraising help β€” General support ||
|| Petr Zaytsev | *Advisor and mentor*  | Thorough mentoring and engineering advice through the whole iGEM year β€” iGEM Deliverables management support ||
|| Max Bokov | *Advisor and mentor*  | Guidance of our first steps β€” Suggestion to take part in Yuri's night ||
|| Anton Agapov | *Team Leader*  | Grant and sponsorship applications β€” HQ contact β€” Collaborations, meetups and other inter-team communnications β€” Collaboration (Engineering biology problem book) β€” Promotion video (starring, script, subtitles) β€” Project management, deliverables support and monitoring β€” Project ideation outline and human practices β€” Phototroph community collaboration β€” Molecular cloning β€” Presentation video (starring, script) β€” Promotion video (script) β€” Wiki main redactor ||
|| Lidia Bobrovnikova | *Team Leader* | Team leader β€” Wet lab: *Arthrospira* sp. IPPAS B-256 experiments (physiology, genome extraction) β€” Translation and writing of texts within our team β€” Organisation of Russian meet-up and Fem club  β€” Promotion video (starring, script, subtitles)  β€” Collaboration (Phototroph handbook, Engineering biology problem book, I pledge campaign, Russian meet-up, discussions with Team:Concordia and Team:Madrid, coordination of other collaborations) β€” Public engagement (interviews for Zelen, Teach me fully, public talk at Yuri's night) β€” Presentation video (starring, script) β€” Team meetings organisation and hosting β€” Financial questions solving β€” Wiki and judging form preparation β€” Member of organisational committee of the local Jamboree in Moscow ||
|| Andrei Kalinichenko | *Wet lab leader* | The author of the idea β€” Literature research β€” Planing of experiments and searching for protocols  β€” Constructions engineering  β€” Wet lab (cloning/ testing) β€” Theoretical support of bioinformatics department in the team β€” Participation in collaborations (discussions with Concordia, Madrid, Phototrophs) β€” Human Practise β€” Searching for sponsors  β€” Wiki and presentation video preparation ||
|| Karina Araslanova | *Head of the Media department, designer, content manager*  | Development of the unique team desigm style and merch β€” Development of the content plan for social media β€” Coordination of Media department and tracking of progress β€” Design of illustrations and preparation of texts β€”Preparation of strategies for spreading of information about our team and project β€” Preparation of content for TikTok β€” Preparation of poster for Yuri's night β€” Design of team presentation β€” Animation for presentation video β€” Design of the wiki main page β€” Human practice β€” Lecture about iGEM and SynBio at Lampa school β€” Organisation of iGEM FemTalk ||
|| Alexandr Modestov | *Dry lab, Media*  | Modelling of BcLOV4 structure, because it was absent in PDB β€” Modelling  of monomer and dimer stuctures of fusion proteins BphP1-BcLOV4, GAL4-Q-PAS1 β€” Analysed the interaction between BphP1-BcLOV4 and GAL4-Q-PAS1 β€” Investigated how BcLOV4 binds to the lipid membrane β€” Modelling of interaction of GAL4 and DNA β€” Author of manuals and videos about bioinformatic tools β€” Searching and optimisation of CDS and regulatory elements for the optogenetic system β€” VK (weekly reports, posts and articles)||
|| Artem Stetoy | *Finances, Wet lab, Video content*  | Literature research β€” Wet lab experiments β€” Development of mercy items and posters β€” Fund-raising β€” Crowdfunding β€” Preparation of promo- and presentation videos β€” Wiki preparation ||
|| Alexey Sheshukov | *IT developer* | Wiki editing tool organisation β€” Wiki main page design β€” Web-site design ||
|| Ivan Kozin | *Dry lab*  | Modelling of proteins β€” Modelling of protein interaction β€” Bioinformatic analysis β€” Wiki preparation ||
|| Anastasia Novitskaya | *Media, Public Engagement*| Design β€” Copyright β€” Text editing β€” SMM β€” Participation in the organisation and hosting of events (Russian meet-up, Fem-club) β€” Development of content-plan for social media ||
|| Veronika Katrukha | *Wet lab* | Development of promoter screening design in collaboration with Team:Madridβ€” Checking fluorescence in clone with different promoters β€” Literature research β€” Wiki content editing ||
|| Ilya Rubinstein | *Wet Lab*  | Literature research β€” Wet lab β€” Educational Article about BioBricks β€” Searching for sponsors β€” Merch items development - Wiki preparation ||
|| Mikhail Polkovnichenko | *Wet lab, Chemist* | Chemical analysis of *A. platensis* B-256 β€” Measurement of ferrulic acid concentration in cells under different cultivation conditions β€” Measurement of nutritional value of *A. platensis* ||
|| Tamara Loseva | *Media, PR, Public Engagement* | Organisation of Russian meet-up, FemTalk, Yuri's night β€” Interview with cosmonaut Ryazanskiy β€” Presented our team at events β€” Participation in collaborations ( I pledge campaign; discussions with Concordia, Madrid, Sorbonne) β€” Searching for sponsors β€” Spreading of information about our project in media β€” Prepared a report about our team on the TV channel Russia 1 β€” Preparation and translation of texts ||

# Non-team effort and support

## Wet lab

### Engineering & Experiment Design

|| Person  | Impact ||
|| Nikolai Lomov, Faculty of Biology, MSU | Fluorescence experiment design β€” Idea of using Bxb1 integrase for HR  β€” Promoter screening guidance ||

### Microalgae biology
|| Person  | Impact ||
|| Maria Sinetova, IPPRAS | Microbiology advice β€” Biosafety of *Arthrospira* description ||
|| David Gabrielyan, IPPRAS | Advice on bioreactor construction β€” Constructor of intensive cultivation bioreactor ||

### Routine lab practice

|| Person  | Impact ||
|| Anna Leusenko, IPPRAS | Cloning and microbiology advice ||
|| Pavel Leusenko, IPPRAS | Cloning and microbiology advice ||
|| Daria Serebryanaya, Faculty of Biology, MSU | Cloning and microbiology advice ||
|| Elena Kupriyanova, IPPRAS | Cloning and microbiology advice ||
|| Anastasia Anashkina, FMSMU | Molecular modeling advice ||

## Media
|| Person  | Impact ||
|| Kirill Bogotskoy | Shooting and assembling of promotion video ||
|| Vasiliy Tretyakov | Help with preparation of presentation video ||