Team:Jilin China


        Mosquitoes are widely distributed and can spread a variety of fatal diseases, like Japanese encephalitis, dengue fever, malaria, filariasis and so on. The WHO report shows that the number of deaths caused by mosquito-borne disease in the world is up to 725000 every year.

        Human beings have been committed to repelling and killing mosquitoes. At present, the common methods contain DEET, pyrethrin, photoelectric trapping, etc. In view of the possible problems of these methods, such as slight odor, short effective time, relative toxic to environment, we have designed a device with high safety, non-toxicity and long effective term.


         We designed our engineering bacteria to produce ammonia and acid. The metabolites of the bacteria simulate the main effective mosquito attracting components ——ammonia, lactic acid and acetic acid, and then cooperate with electrified net to complete mosquito trapping and killing. In order to ensure biological safety, the design of suicide system and bacterial filter membrane were applied in our project to avoid bacteria leaking.