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iGEM intro video


iGEM intro video

DescriptionBrainstorming for our intro video
HP sub-branch
Property 1
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Main facts that have to be present in the intro video

  • Climate change - Why is it bad? How do e convince the audience?
  • Cause behind our project - Petrochemical industries, butanol advantages
  • Coculturing, eco-friendly, carbon negative

Try to answer the following questions

  • Do we do an animated video or a non-animated one?
  • How to bring a personal touch to the video if it is animated.


  • Animated video
  • To bring a personal touch - Thunderstorms (more frequent), Agricultural hazards, Western Ghats trees composition is changing,
  • Advantages of Butanol - Cyanobacteria's carbon utilisation efficiency, Higher energy content compared to ethanol, can be used directly in engines whiteout having to modify the engine, sustainably produced
  • Co culturing - Hard to engineer cyano to do everything (words of Arsh), modularity (changing the end product is ez), a single-pot conversion, no wastage of sucrose that would've happened if we had to extract from medium and transport it to e coli, cyano growth rate go stonks and e coli lives from sucrose,

What makes a promo video good

  • Understood by anyone (non-scientific background)
  • No jargon
  • STORY - Superhero origin story

Technical requirements


  • Superhero origin story (version 1) - cyano and e coli get a call about some "thing" wrecking havoc around the neighbourhood. They start investigating and find out that it is happening worldwide, so they decide to team up to solve yada yada yada
  • Superhero origin story (version 2) - The afro guy loses someone important to him to climate change and therefore decides to build tools to fight against it and these tools are the engineered version of e coli and cyano. (BATMAN)
  • Let's go in the direction of ketto ads ^-^.... sob story time

Superhero Origin Story - 1

  • Opening is a serious scene.... Lot of shit happening and Arsh ends up calling cyano and e coli for help
  • Fight Scene
  • Backstory to where e coli and cyano meet
  • Back to present where they defeat climate change