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Wet lab Meeting - 3 with PhD mentors

Wet lab Meeting - 3 with PhD mentors

DepartmentWet Lab
DescriptionDiscussed queries regarding proposal with PhD mentors
HP sub-branch
Property 1
Property 2

Things to do:

1) come up with schematics of construct 2) Plasmid maps 3) genes in order of interest 4) List down co-culture assays 5) best case scenerio - HK27659k gifted from the author, next best case scenario - first knock out poxB... then others later

  • focus more on dry lab
  • try doing only the essential modifications in e coli because 9 modifications is too much
  • or else try contact authors for plasmids they used
  • focus more on showing that the coculture works
  • mohit is the only one with some experience with CRISPR he's made a fifes guide RNAs but that's all
  • they asked us to find out all the plasmids being used for all modifications and have the genotypes of the strains used
  • and also all the plasmid maps
  • and after that we could ask them specific questions they could help us out with over shorter meetings

Realised that Zhang (2020) 3-HP paper obtained higher sucrose production rates than the encapsulation methods