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Wet Lab Meeting - 5

Wet Lab Meeting - 5

DepartmentWet Lab
DescriptionBrainstorming and weekly checklist
HP sub-branch
Property 1
Property 2

Went through Questions 2, based on which we created a weekly checklist

Informal brainstorming about strains, sucrose yields and questions that need answering

Uncertainties about succinate:

  • Can we produce something from the glycolytic pathway which has fewer modifications/is more valuable, in sufficient yields in an aerobic environment
  • Will our culture be open or closed, if closed what will be the oxygen concentrations, how does that affect e coli metabolism
  • If it is oxygen limiting, do we need to supply additional oxygen to allow succinate production? Can anaerobic synthesis take place in an oxygen limiting condition? If we want to do anaerobic synthesis, do we have to remove oxygen by means of thiosulphate/DMSU/Fe2+ ions??