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Team Meeting 9

Team Meeting 9

DescriptionFinalising Compound Round 2
HP sub-branch
Property 1
Property 2

→ Began with us looking at the Slack channel for cyano on the iGEM workspace. Typed up a preliminary description

→ Reviewed mods, yields, media, conditions for final products from this table .

→ D-lactate: possible reconsumption of lactate in aerobic/microaerobic conditions, extraction of lactate (procedures exist), look into PLA, mysterious lactate secretion. Current synthesis: stress-susceptible Lactobacillus, chemical synthesis. Time taken: ~60-70hrs?

→ Aero-succinate: MC4100 strain available, elucidate role of mutatio;, 20-40% Oxygen ideal, 50% maintained in study; hard to maintain in practice? Compare with oxygen levels for photorespiration. Time taken 5 days(can it be extended?)

→ Anaerobic succinate: Why 2 plasmids? Pure anaerobic versus microaerobic? Is pyruvate carboxylase feedback inhibition-resistant? What happens if we replace it with pepC? Adv: no aeration required. Same time wala question

→ Glucaric acid: Base strain is in IISERP. What is the pH condition (Likhit suggests 7 based on medium)? Is it aerobic or anaerobic (one of the intermediates needs oxygen, Arya suggests doesn't matter)? Equipment not mentioned. Air wasn't pumped in. They haven't used a fermenter but they mention fermentation. No previous iGEM work. Are there any biobricks (ino1; yeast)? All knockouts are for optimization (how many can we do?). →Sorbitol: Invertase overexpression? Should we do a three-way culture? pH=5? Cyanobacteria and z mobilis co-culture?

Sorbitol rejected becuase of uncertainty about Z mobilis chassis, how it might grow with cyano in co-culture, low pH - 5, minimal scope for characterising parts

Glucaric acid rejected

lactate: more costly than succinate, fewer modifications can be done, PLA more widely used than PBS, HCN is toxic?, only knockouts, not on US DoE top 15 value-added chemicals

succinate: higher yields, produced by petrochemicals, on US DoE top 15 value-added chemicals, less expensive than lactate, PBS less widely used than PLA, 3 knockouts + 2 overexpression, we can design biobricks for genes to be overexpressed, succinate already announced on social media

Succinate chosen!!!!

To be done in the coming days:

  • scientific proposal - SANJANA, LIKHITH, ASHLI, jason (misaal+akash - experiments+assays)
  • finalize genes, promoters, strain (ASK NISHAD ON SATURDAY)
  • HP - G A M E PLAN
  • UTEX MODEL 2973 T R Y
  • mail gayathri about secondary PI
  • attend linkoping collab
  • mail rupali
  • mail ucm with prem and veeral's email ids
  • contact marburg
  • MAIL YAZDANI and ask for phd students