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Team Meeting 7

Team Meeting 7

DescriptionGeneral update meeting for the whole meet, decided our plan for May and forward.
HP sub-branch
Property 1
Property 2

Medal Criteria discussion

  • Went through the medal criteria ⇒ assign people to medal criteria
  • Best XYZ Awards
  • Wiki : maybe accessibility for blind people, translate to regional languages?
  • HP : contacting farmers like BITS team last year

Wet Lab:

  • Strain of E. Coli and Cyano: list of modifications for both
  • All the biobricks - Akash, Misaal
  • The experiments
  • What all needs to be ordered, from where
  • Measurement : assays - Akash, Misaal
  • Gene circuits - Akash, Misaal
  • PhD mentors

Dry Lab:

  • What all to model
    • economic modelling
    • bioreactor modelling
    • individual organisms
    • coculture
    • growth media
    • carbon footprint
  • How to model each
  • What parameters we need from wetlab and net
  • PhD mentors


  • iHP with all the stakeholders
    • interviews

    stakeholders: 1) source of co2 (atmospheric or waste?) 2) current sugarcane producers 3) setup of the reactor and kind of expertise needed to run it (& deal with culture crashes) 4) general public 5) industries where succinate is used 6) customizable metabolites, potential customers, their needs & all (also companies that have this kind of business model) 7) people who work on carbon capture 8) photobioreactor industries and designers and all 9) scaling up bioreactor (experts) 10) government & regulations?

  • Identify what's relevant to each dept.
  • Collaborations
  • Cyanobacterial team meet-up
    • get Ducat, other important academics in the field
  • Science education
    • toolkits (principles of the subject)
    • documents (diy tutorials for easy projects)
  • Webinars
  • Survey
  • Outreach
  • Social Media
    • Ideas for posts
    • Increase outreach for ketto
    • doing other teams' challenges
    • memes/reels
    • youtube

  • notion minor reorganisation