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Meeting with Thomas 2

Meeting with Thomas 2

DescriptionWangikar's rejection
HP sub-branch
Property 1
Property 2

Met him after Wangikar said that IIT Bombay is no longer accepting day scholars due to Covid 2nd wave in Mumbai.

Charted out a plan:

  • Contact Shireesh Srivastava at ICGEB, New Delhi to get his inputs and whether we can obtain strains from them and/or if they can accommodate us
  • Meet with Jayant and ask him for inputs + what to expect due to the second wave + whether he can accommodate us at his lab at NCBS
  • New decisions about campus restrictions will be made on 6th April so wait for then
  • Speak to IISc team, find out their PI, which lab they are using and whether they can accommodate us there (might count as collaboration)
  • Decide whether to change topic, and come up with new game plan after talking to Jayant
  • Weigh the scope for extensive dry lab work between carbon capture vs IP
  • Explore the possibility of dry lab

Sanjana contacted IISc folks, they are using their general UG bio lab, their campus will be under new restrictions from Monday, 5th April.