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Meeting with Sunish Radhakrishnan

Meeting with Sunish Radhakrishnan

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Lab at MIT: Taxol, lots of steps, ecoli factory, Look for a natural compound which is widely used, but is expensive, lots of manpower


  • E coli synth insulin, E coli cant synthesize disulfide bonds, but other bacteria may be able to do it do (this might require a lot more time to do)
  • expression in periplasm?
  • people have tried it in yeast, but not economically feasible have to go through lots of processes

Bioplastics: Paper came out yesterday

Biosensors could be very applicable - aptamers and toe hold RNAs? Contact Chaithanya!!! He is working on these.

Diagnostics, fungal good idea(misaal's), imp in hospitals

ESKAPE pathogens - 3 important ones: pseudomonas aeruginosa, klebsiella pneumoniae, acinobacter baumannii

Bacteriophage, phage therapy

Biosensors for adulterants in food

India Alliance AntiMicrobial Resistance - currently support outreach activities