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Meeting with Soumodeep Ambassador

Meeting with Soumodeep Ambassador

DescriptionHP medal criteria doubts
HP sub-branch
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  1. How extensive should our contribution be to satisfy criteria . Would the resource page be enough to qualify for that criteria if it is a collaborative effort with the photo-autotroph group.
  • You cannot present same thing for two medal criterias.
  • He can't tell if anything qualifies as a contribution. That depends on the judges.
  • We should have a couple of things for contributions.

  1. Is the resource page counted for Education and Communication
  • Cyano Symposium could fulfill education criteria.
  • Involve highschool students in cyanobacteria symposium.
  1. Tell him about our comic book and activity book, and ask if they count towards the education and communication.
    1. it does
  1. Tell him we also planning to do YouTube series, have done survey, will do webinar, is that enough to ezpz secure gold medal criteria
    1. im guessing so since the other things are counted
  1. Could we get help from iGEM HQ on the resource page, in terms of building a website and stuff
  • hq can give domain name
  1. Zoom link for Cyano symposium?

    First register a collab

    then register for an event and ask for link from Asia ambassador

  1. How extensive really is partnership? - tell about plans with Toulouse.

Accessibility to colorblind people - for wiki, resource page

Keep checking judging rubric