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Meeting with Sanjeev Galande

Meeting with Sanjeev Galande

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Ideas presented to Galande:

  • Secondary metabolites
  • mycelium based biomaterials
  • biosurfactants
  • dietary supplements in yeast (Galande: will take too long)
  • Arsh's idea on bacteria based battery

Galande's inputs:

  • Consider the feasibility of project, whether it is possible to do in one year, the fundability of the project, whether there is in house expertise or equipment available, do extensive literature review
  • Alternative plastics
  • RNA whole switches, Gene editing using CRISPR
  • Zoonotics: Detection of diseases(diagnostics)
  • Common respiratory diseases such as pneumonia, health of the lungs=: Cipla foundation willing to fund initiatives
  • Biosensors, rooms of hospitals, areas with large people movement, where these can be exchanged
  • G1 lab could be accessed, special team permissions can be taken
  • Sustainable goals for India can be a good place to go
  • Biofuels he can get us in touch with someone, who has something nearby in Pune
  • Industry conclave coming up, he'll add our