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Meeting with Rushik - 4

Meeting with Rushik - 4

DepartmentWet Lab
DescriptionExplanation on wet lab techniques
HP sub-branch
Property 1
Property 2

Rushik explained RF cloning

PFU polymerases

Dpn1 - to digest original bacterial plasmid which is methylated, the amplified, modified DNA after PCR is unmethylated and hence is not destroyed

RO water, double deionized water - milli-Q

pET28 → contains kanR

we could try to obtain specR gene from Sunish

Safety form:

acrylamide for SDS page is a neurotoxin and is carcinogenic

EtBr for staining gel is mutagen

TEMED used to polymerise acrylamide for SDS page is toxic

2021 batch of iPhD/PhD students are coming to campus on 2nd July