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Meeting with H N Chanakya

Meeting with H N Chanakya

DescriptioniHP meeting - discussed just project idea
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There are many ways to implement our project idea. We could implement it in large-scale factories that capture and use atmospheric carbon, or hook it up to carbon dioxide purified from industrial effluents, or even use it as a self-contained local power source (where we use butanol as a fuel to generate power and then trap the CO2 and use it to reproduce butanol). We're investigating which of these is most feasible from an economic perspective, but what about from an environmental perspective? Would you recommend that we prefer any of these over the others?

Can this setup be established in rural areas to generate energy?(follow up on using as a self-contained local power source) What are the factors that need to be considered?

Is our idea environmentally sustainable? What other changes should we bring about to make this carbon neutral or negative?

Photobioreactor vs open pond (building up a strain-specific cultivation protocol), what are the features we need to keep in mind which might be specific to our project. Like for example, how do we get CO2 and light to reach ends properly, we want micro aerobic extraction based on our specific end products, etc. For example raceway pond vs closed flat plate, colour

Possible ways of using biomass, we were told it cannot be used as feed due to the presence of e.coli, so what are the alternative ways for managing the secondary waste

Have 3-4 compounds in mind

Taking away butanol with help of a membrane- guaranteed with price

Butanol accumulation will rarely cross 2%, slow rate of production

Photosynthesis membrane separation, bring back alcohol

Economics for butanol requires at least 5-10% - because less than this will increase price and energy required to extract. Might even make energy required to extract more than the energy we get out of the butanol.

High energy cost of distillation and recovery due to less butanol accumulation

How to increase output from cyanobacteria and get 5% butanol in the fermenter fluid.