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Maastricht Collab Meeting 1

Maastricht Collab Meeting 1

DescriptionDiscussing each other's projects and possible collabs
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Their project idea: Engineering Red Algae genes that code for Bromoform into some bacteria that will colonise the gut of cows. The Bromoform inhibits emzymes needed for methane production. The bacteria will be introduced via cattle feed and needs to be only administered once and will prevent methane production. They must ensure that the bacteria are safe for the cows. They are looking into alginate encapsulation as well. They plan to do some metabolic modelling for dry lab.

They will start wet lab in a couple of weeks, right after their final exams.

We didn't quite catch the chassis they are working with

They are doing a survey on GMOs and are collaborating with IISER Tirupati and sort of asked us to be a part of it? They plan to ask random people on the street to fill it out to get a good sample.

They are also planning to make a documentary on their project and climate change and that could involve our participation

They also have an iGEM Journal called 'Vector' where teams would submit their work to it like a paper, as well as peer review some other teams' work. And asked if we would be interested in it.

They also are going to model their climate impact and we could collaborate with them on this.

Dry lab has to meet them to discuss climate modelling, metabolic modelling etc.