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Linköping Sweden Collab Meeting

Linköping Sweden Collab Meeting

DescriptionDiscussing each other's projects and possible collabs
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Their Idea:

To use cyanobacteria to desalinate water. Expressing of halorhodopsin and CBD (??? binding domain) to allow the sequestering of salt into cyanobacteria? The cyanobacteria strain they are looking at is Synechocystis 6803. But they are expressing their constructs in Vibrio?? because it has faster doubling time. Based on a 2015 Shanghai team.

Their progress:

They began working on iGEM a month and a half ago, their work will be concentrated in summer between June and Aug so they still haven't finalised all the details of their idea. Their wet lab is uncertain because of the pandemic, the situation is getting worse in Sweden. They have lab space though and plan to start around mid June. They are a mix of UG and OG, all of them have wet lab experience, but non have dry lab experience. They received institutional funding for registration and are going to start reaching out to corporate sponsors like IKEA and will start crowdfunding on a site dedicated to crowdfunding for science. Havent done any HP yet and are curating lists of people to reach out to, and for researchers to contact. They will be contacting 2 people who work on cyanobacteria in Sweden.

Collab Ideas:

  • their dry lab is weak so they thought we could help them with it, we asked them to send us a brochure or proposal of there's so we can get a better idea of how we could help with modelling
  • and that they could help us out in wet lab if needed
  • water availability is an issue in india so we could help them with outreach, shared contact of IISER faculty Sara Ahmed who works on water
  • We asked them to get us in touch with any experts on cyanobacteria or metabolic engineering that they know, and we could ask them for contacts with experts on safety, carbon emissions etc