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JC 3

JC 3

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Carbon Capture pptxPptxGeneral Abstract of the Project
Zhang (2020) - Construction and analysis of an artificial consortium based on the fast-growing cyanobacterium Synechococcus elongatus UTEX 2973 to produce the platform chemical 3-hydroxypropionic acid from CO2PaperThis is the main paper that our idea is based on. Using Cyanobacteria S. elongatus UTEX 2973 and E coli to produce 3-HP, an important metabolite that can be used to make bioplastics. CHANDRAGIRISoorya Narayan
Lin (2020) - Enhanced production of sucrose in the fast-growing cyanobacterium Synechococcus elongatus UTEX 2973PaperLatest paper on sucrose production in S. elongatus UTEX 2973, i think this may be the highest yield produced so far. SANKARARYA NARNAPATTI,1A).&text=Engineering%20of%20Synechococcus%20elongatus%20UTEX%202973%20for%20production%20of%20sucrose.
Stony Brook - iGEM, 2018Wikisucrose production in S. elongatus PCC 7942, light dependent inducer, iron based repressor, wanted to do directed evolution JobyAAshwin Uday

Arya, Namasi:

Can model the efficiency under vs without salt stress

Promoter characterisation can be done

What concentration of salt should the cyanobacteria be acclimatised to? why did they use 150 mM?

When is sucrose secreted? at what salt concentrations are other osmolytes sectreted?

Modelling carbon flux between sucrose and glycogen pathways

What are the optimal salt conc. levels, optimal levels of IPTG needed for induction and by extension, the optimal amounts of spp expression required

Is spp autoinduced? why is spp toxic?

Is Ptrc10 regulated by IPTG levels or no?

Why was the experiment done only for 5 days? We could model how frequently new cells need to be added to bioreactor if they need to be continually replenished.

Modelling the population dynamics of cyanobacteria and e coli. Should we use a kill switch in E coli to keep its population under control?

economic modelling

modelling optimal CO2 input needed for photobioreactor

Jason, Ashwin:

What was the problem with DNA synthesis? What sort of contamination took place?

SOOO many questions on Flux Based Analysis modelling

self shading and photoinhibition modelling

Should we write to the team?

Likhith, Soorya:

How was 3-HP secreted out?

availability of gas chromatography at IISER?

why was pH of 8.3 selected?

modelling optimal pH conditions and the functioning of the H+/sucrose symporter

sps is rds, so how to overexpress the native gene in synechococcus, read up on the Tx network for sps


Whether we want synechococcus to secret sucrose under salt stress or in fresh water conditions

Do we induce sucrose secretion through light, Fe2+ levels etc.?

Do we acclimatise it to salt from the very beginning? Do we allow it to reach optimal cell density first before rerouting carbon flux away from glycogen to sucrose production?

What modelling should we do? What assays do we need to do?