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Dry Lab Collab Meeting with Toulouse

Dry Lab Collab Meeting with Toulouse

DepartmentCollaborationDry Lab
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Sustainable violet fragrance - can't extract fragrances from flowers cause concentration is too low.

Producing terpenes (by yeast) and aldehydes (by cyano) for fragrance - mail for Pakrasi strain

theophylin inducible promoter they're using

coculture they're gonna model dynamically, developed an approach in last year's toulouse team - read their wiki

infusion cloning they're using

optical density at 750nm for biomass, HPLC for sucrose, yeast - cfu based concentration


  • Pakrasi's strain:
    • If she doesn't respond, they could send an email on our behalf
  • theophylin promoter
    • can send us the paper
    • pakrasi strain, they arent engineering sucrose pathway
    • using this for
  • we could collab by asking them to do some wetlab for us which could be useful for our modelling
  • if we're using different techniques we could verify each other's results
  • They're following the approach that their previous year team for dry lab
  • Biomass : OD at 750
  • Sucrose : HPLC
  • Coculture not sure yet
  • E coli : Plating and counting
  • Cyanobacteria : flow - cytometry, they dont have access to that yet
    • if we get pakrasi's strain we can do that for them
  • after we confirm whether we can send our survey internationally we can send it to them
  • iHP: experts, industry
    • contacts:
    • bioreactors: they have quite some facilities for the same, and they have people who work in that, they'll give us contacts for them?.