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DepartmentWet Lab
DescriptionPossible contributions we can make for bronze criteria
HP sub-branch
Property 1
Property 2

Phytobrick stds:

make all parts moclo/phytobrick compatible as a contribution?


CscB - Stony Brook '18 - codon optimised cscB for 7942 (after optimisation there was a PSt1 site that they removed by a silent mutation)

Could add data to this part?

sucrose assays for this part:

tRNA gene summary for utex 2973:

Stanford biobrick:

characterised in PCC 7942 - Measurement of growth and sucrose export in cscB-transformed PCC7942 along with an assessment of transformation stability by omitment of antibiotic pressure

Possible contributions:

  • Add literature (tho that'll be diffi to do since there's already a lot on the registry)
  • Characterization: membrane integrity assay
  • Information from literature

Pcpc 560 - - Stony Brook '18 - luciferase assay in PCC 6803 - Edinburg '16 - Promoter with phytobrick adaptors - Dusseldorf '19 - did mVenus characterization BUT in PCC 6803. - Dusseldorf -19 - composite mVenus part (mVenus codon optimised for pcc 6803)

Possible contributions:

  • Add literature
  • Characterize activity in different chassis (utex 2973)
  • Can characterize activity under different light and carbon conditions
  • Could codon optimize mVenus for utex (using 7942 table and compare, instead of an eyfp assay?)
  • There is a native RBS, we could try and use different RBS with it and characterize strength with an eyfp assay - Attempts to modify the native RBS have not resulted in higher protein yields, so the native RBS was left in the part (Dusseldorf team comment on their part)

Double terminator - Antiquity '03

Possible contributions:

  • Do fluorescence ratio assay in utex

PsbA1 - Valencia '12

Possible contributions:

  • Add literature
  • Characterize activity in utex
  • Measure activity in different light/carbon conditions


CscB - stanford '11

Possible contributions:

  • Add literature
  • Isn't RFC 10 or 1000 complaint which are the registry de facto stds, so we can introduce silent mutations to make it compliant
  • Characterize in E.coli (have to think of an assay)

CscA - edinburg '12 - characterized by viability assay on sucrose media

check if this sequence matches pcscX (98.68% identity), if yes can characterize (need to think of an assay)

Possible contributions:

  • Add literature
  • This is from Escherichia coli O157:H7 strain Sakai (E.coli W one will be a new part!)