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Brno Czech Republic Collab Meeting

Brno Czech Republic Collab Meeting

DescriptionDiscussing each other's projects and possible collabs
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Their idea:

To sequester phosphates from water in B subtilis to prevent cyanobacteria blooms/eutrophication. Polyphosphate kinase enzyme will be expressed to create phosphate polymers which will be stored in bacterial microcompartments, and when polymerised, the phophate won't escape back into the water. The B subtilis will be 3D bioprinted to optimise phosphate accumulation. The lab strain they are using has lost its ability to form biofilms, so they might cultivate it with wild type strains that can form biofilms.

Modelling: Biofilm shape to optimise phosphate accumulation. IT team also wants to construct 3D bioprinter for fun on the side.

Team Details:

25 members, half are in bio, half of wet lab team has experience, most of the people from last year's team are doing iGEM again this year, but they've expanded the team to include more people.

They will start wet lab in July and might go on till Mid September, their lab access depends on the vacancy of labs as their practical sessions have been postponed to summer. They are about to start construct design, they are yet to completely flesh out their idea and dont know the exact means by which water will be treated with their biofilm.

Their idea for collab?: Cyanobacteria from two points of view - a poster/infographics divided into three parts - one describing cyanobacteria in general, one describing the dangers of overpopulated cyanobacteria and the last describing the benefits cyanobacteria have to offer when used in synthetic biology.

Our suggestions:

  • they can help us with the bioprinting for possible alginate encapsulation of our cyanobacteria
  • we could help them with outreach, stakeholders etc as phosphate pollution is a big deal in India
  • we also pitched the cyanobacteria symposium idea to them, and they liked it, they suggested creating a separate workspace on slack for this, we suggested first creating a channel for it on the global iGEM slack

Their meeting notes: