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Brainstorming Session 2

Brainstorming Session 2

DescriptionSecondary metabolites
HP sub-branch
Property 1
Property 2

Discussed Akash's idea to work on Corals:

  • use syn bio to slow coral bleaching
  • reach out to iGEM teams that have worked on this before
  • caveats: lots of complex interactions, scalability (will probably take 10-15 years)
  • Akash, Arya, Sanjana, Soorya will work on this

Arya - Terpenoids:

  • 5 igem teams have worked on this and have failed to express this

Sanjana - Flavonoids:

  • Use in pharma is not very promising

Likhith, Soorya, Ashli, Vidisha:

  • Discussed polyketides and non ribosomal peptides, will do further research on it

Ashwin - ?

Other topics being considered:

  • Thyroid diagnostics + diagnostics in general
  • Bioplastics
  • Waste to raw material - upcycling?
  • Biosensors for fertiliser in farmlands