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Brainstorming Session 1

Brainstorming Session 1

DescriptionAkash, Misaal
HP sub-branch
Property 1
Property 2

Akash's foundational advance idea on temporal control using N4 phages:

  • using it as a vector
  • or using its components (promoters, gene products etc.) to create a plasmid vector

How does it compare to a reprissilator? How can it be used to solve any problems? Potential use as a While loop.

Misaal's ideas:

  1. Mycelium based biomaterials
    • modular, makes substrates stiffer
    • if substrate is in a mould, the material is formed in the shape of the mould
    • leather, textiles
  1. Bacterial cellulose
    • very pure, mouldable
    • water holding capacity - hydrogels
    • can't be upscale in a cheap way
    • paper, food, textiles, wound dressing (healing is found to be faster with biopolymers of cellulose), electronic paper
  1. Secondary metabolites
    • aren't necessary for the organism to survive, provides it with fitness advantage
    • plant secondary metabolites- flavonoids (dyes, flavour) , terpenoids (anti oxidants), alkaloids (pharma)
    • in cell cultures, it is not produced natively in high yields and is expensive
    • well characterised pathways may exist (eg vanillin?)
    • use of co cultures
    • microbial secondary metabolites might be easier to produce on large scale as it would be natively synthesised