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Diversity and Inclusion

We should all recognize the importance of building an open and welcoming scientific community. A more diverse community involved in creating knowledge and technology is more likely to produce a more equitable and representative system. Every individual, regardless of background or experience, should have an equal opportunity to engage with scientific knowledge and technological development. Everyone should be able to share their opinions on the societal implications of research.

For more information about Diversity and Inclusion in iGEM, please visit the Diversity and Inclusion Hub.

Inclusivity Award

The Inclusivity Award recognizes exceptional efforts to include people with diverse identities in scientific research. Who is allowed to have a voice in iGEM, synthetic biology, and science more broadly? How have you developed new opportunities to eliminate barriers and allow more people to contribute to, participate in, and/or be represented by these communities? To compete for this prize, activities do not have to be directly related to your team’s project. Document your approach, how you improved inclusivity, and what was learned.

To compete for the Inclusivity Award, please describe your work on this page and also fill out the description on the judging form.


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