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For Hardware Track teams, while you are not eligible for the Hardware Special Prize, you can use this page to document your work.

Best Hardware Special Prize

In addition to encouraging teams to work with DNA parts and build biological devices in the lab, iGEM also encourages other types of technical solutions for synthetic biology. This can include physical devices (hardware) related to robotic assembly, microfluidics, low-cost measurement devices, to name a few examples. There are many exciting opportunities for hardware innovation in synthetic biology.

This is a prize for the team that has developed a piece of hardware for synthetic biology. Hardware in iGEM should make synthetic biology based on standard parts easier, faster, better or more accessible to our community. Did your team make a sensor to help teams characterize parts? Did you make a robot that can help teams perform experiments or do cloning more easily? Tell us what your team did for this award!

To compete for the Best Hardware prize, please describe your work on this page and also fill out the description on the judging form.


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