Team:DNHS SanDiego CA


Lung cancer remains the deadliest cancer type

It causes nearly 132,000 deaths annually and accounts for around 25% of all cancer-related deaths. It often goes undiagnosed until Stages 3 and 4, when it has metastasized and become incredibly difficult to treat.

Currently, the typical method of diagnosis is a biopsy after symptoms become severe

However, biopsies are invasive and painful, so we decided to investigate a noninvasive method: VOC (volatile organic compound) detection using a breath test. VOCs have been the interest of a lot of recent research due to their potential to indicate various conditions and changes in the body.

The goal of this project is to create a detection system

The system uses the K-12 strain of E. coli bacteria to produce a quantifiable color change in response to the presence of a VOC. In order to do this, we have identified 8 different promoters that are specific to a Using present and future published research corroborating healthy and lung cancer-indicative levels of various VOCs.