The building blocks of our project

Important parts

  Our induction system

The induction system are responsible for inducing expression of our desired proteins upon addition of the corresponding induction agent. The copper system is native to yeast and responds to CU2+ ions. The TetOn system is from bacterial antibiotic resistance and activates upon addition of tetracycline family antibiotics, requiring the presence of the rtTA-NLS-GAL4AD fusion protein, known as TetA.

A Table Shows Parts of The Induction System
Table 1
Biobrick IDShort nameDescription Type
BBa_K3944007 CUP1p + miRFPSequence expressing miRFP upon copper addition for copper induction benchmarkingComposite part
BBa_K3944008CUP1p + TesBTSequence expressing TesBT upon copper addition for fatty acid synthesis control, producing short fatty acidsComposite part
BBa_K3944019TetO7+ScPHO5+mTagBFP2Sequence expressing mTagBFP2 upon tetracycline addition, for tetracycline induction benchmarkingComposite part
BBa_K3944020TetO7+ScPHO5+TesASequence expressing TesA upon tetracycline addition for fatty acid synthesis control, producing medium fatty acidsComposite part
BBa_K3944021TEF1p + TetA + ScPGK1Sequence constituively expressing tetracycline-sensing protein required for tetracycline inductionComposite part
BBa_K3944032ScGAL1 + Z3BS - GFPSequence expressing GFP upon estradiol addition, for estradiol induction benchmarkingComposite part
BBa_K3944033ScGAL1 + Z3BS - FatBSequence expressing FatB upon estradiol addition for fatty acid synthesis control, producing long fatty acidsComposite part
BBa_K3944035TEF1p-Estra-ScADH1tSequence constituively expressing estradiol-sensing protein required for estradiol inductionComposite part

  The yeast fatty acid synthase (FAS) system

The yeast fatty acid synthase (FAS) system cannot be targeted for protein engineering efficiently since it is expressed as two large genes that complex to provide function, so we replace it with a bacterial FAS2 system consiting of these 8 genes.

Estradiol signalling comes homo sapiens and is a hormone signalling system, responding to the hormone estradiol.

A Table Shows The yeast fatty acid synthase (FAS) system
Table 2
Biobrick IDShort nameDescription Type
BBa_K3944038 AcpPAcpP enzyme coding sequenceBasic part
BBa_K3944039AcpSAcpS enzyme coding sequenceBasic part
BBa_K3944040FabBFabB enzyme coding sequenceBasic part
BBa_K3944041FabHFabH enzyme coding sequenceBasic part
BBa_K3944042FabDFabD enzyme coding sequenceBasic part
BBa_K3944043FabZFabZ enzyme coding sequenceBasic part
BBa_K3944044FabGFabG enzyme coding sequenceBasic part
BBa_K3944045FabIFabI enzyme coding sequenceBasic part

  Improvement Of Parts——Ribosome-Binding Sites

As a part of our committment to future iGEM teams, we also characterised three ribosome binding sites (RBS) to provide additonal knowledge and options to future teams.

The characterisation was done on parts previously reported by other teams in the part registry.

A Table Shows our Ribosome-Binding Sites
Table 3
Biobrick IDShort nameDescription Type
BBa_K3252027BBa_K3252027 Weak RBS site
BBa_K3252026BBa_K3252026 Medium RBS site
BBa_J15001BBa_J15001 Strong RBS site

All Parts

Here is a list of all basic parts and composite we created.

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